Wednesday, April 23, 2014

113/365 Peaceful

"Peaceful Heart"

I had a pretty crappy day at school today.  Well, actually, it was really just a pretty crappy thirty minutes, but those thirty minutes clouded my perception of the whole day.  Funny how that happens.  It was redeemed, however, by my very last private student of the day who brought me these gorgeous orange flowers.  She knows that orange is my favorite color.  And I had the perfect vase for them.

I had to laugh at the "peaceful" prompt for the day.  Peaceful was not at all where my head or heart were when I got home from school this afternoon. The challenge of finding and taking a photo that was peaceful brought me be back to center, to a place where I was at least within reach of the possibility of finding a peaceful heart.  I tried to let go of the unpleasant part of my day and focus on all that was good.  Upon reflection, I realized that the positive moments throughout the day really did far outweigh the bad.

And, I have a question.

What does it mean at the end of a day like today when you go out for Chinese food and you get a fortune cookie with no fortune in it?

And one more question.

Should I be worried that Weber was in the pantry feeding the dogs and asked me if I needed my lunch packed for tomorrow?

I think I need to go to bed and wake up to a brand new day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

112/365-2 Barbed

"Barbed Beauty"

I have become a huge fan of my Lensbaby lenses.  Fan may be an understatement; addict may be a better term.  And, my husband is an enabler.  He ordered me the Edge 80 lens, ostensibly for Mother's Day.  It came last week and he gave it to me.  Sadly, I did not even take it out of the box until this afternoon.

I think the fact that I am a musician, and therefore understand too well the discipline of practice, is what is allowing me to be patient with the steep learning curve surrounding my ability to take decent pictures with these lenses.  

Today's picture taking can best be equated to playing scales.  I was concerned purely with technique.  Any sense of creativity or artistry is totally absent.  I wanted to to "play" with the lens, but I didn't have time to go in search of any real subjects.  (I actually took today's POTD a week ago.)  I was relegated to photographing whatever I could find out in the yard.  I did notice that our kind of pathetic looking rose bush is blooming.  It worked just fine as a subject for practice.

Compositionally, there is nothing spectacular about this image, but it does represent the learning process.  I need a lot more practice "playing scales" before moving on to "repertoire," but I'll get there.  At least photography can be practiced outside amidst God's beautiful creation.  There is nothing beautiful about the tiny practice rooms in most music buildings.  Just saying...

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Monday, April 21, 2014

111/365-2 Colorful


Considering how exhausted I was yesterday, today was a pretty good day.  This may be due to the fact that I wore my "happy" socks this morning.  How can you not be cheered by rainbows and smiley faces?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

110/365-2 Gathered

"Happy Easter"

This year's Lenten journey was a meaningful one for me, filled with much opportunity for prayer and reflection.  That makes the Holy Week liturgies all the more meaningful and the celebration of Christ's resurrection a time of pure joy.  All that said, by the time I had sung the seventh service in five days, three of which in a period of sixteen hours, I was exhausted.  

We did have a family gathering for lunch after the second service this morning.  Brooke prepared a tasty brunch - baked eggs, roasted asparagus, salad and homemade biscuits that did double duty first with butter then with strawberries. Yum!

The energy level amongst us was quite low.  Not only was I tired, Erin was dragging after spending her morning in the church nursery with sugared-up kids and so was Brooke after all of the meal preparation.  I had hoped top take a photo with all of us, but it was happening today.  When I am too tired to take pictures, I am really tired!

After everyone left, I took a nap, a several hour nap.  I awoke with just enough daylight to snap a few quick shots.  Because we were all so tired, we didn't even touch the Easter candy, not that I bought much.  So, these ignored chocolate eggs were gathered up for today's photo.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

109/365-2 Welcome


Not much time for picture taking today, but part of our house now is clean!  We are off to church for the Easter Vigil.  It is a beautiful service though long.  It feels even longer knowing that I have to be right back there tomorrow morning for two more services.  Come the Monday after Easter, Christ is risen and church musicians are dead.

Easter blessings to all!

Friday, April 18, 2014

108/365-2 Optimistic


As with yesterday, there was not a lot of time to work at my POTD today between school and church.  Though I don't teach on Fridays, I do mentor at the middle school.  Today should have been a school holiday but because of bad weather days taken earlier in the school year, today ended up being a make-up day.  I sure could have used the day off!

I struggled with what to photograph.  Optimism should have been an easy one, but it wasn't.  As is often the case when I am stumped by the day's prompt, I went for silliness.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

107/365-2 Starts With B

"Lots of B"

Something strange and wonderful happened today.  This is my Big Baby (aka my oldest daughter), the one who hates having her picture taken.  During lunch today I texted her and told her that I had fifteen minutes from when I got home from school and then had to leave again for church to get today's POTD done and she was it.  Why?  Her name is Bethany Brooke.  And though my last name is Baker, hers is nut; but, she is a baker by profession.  The letter B just surrounds.  I told her that she could call the shots (literally) regarding what kind of photos I took.  

I was pleasantly surprised when I got home from school and she was ready to go.  She was dressed cutely (in black), had braided her hair for a little extra "B" in the photo, and had her props.  Since she works at the public library, her current stack of library Books added a little more "B-ness."

I am happy to have gotten several fun shots that are truly pictures of her, not the goofy angry expressions I usually get when I point the camera in her direction.

I let Brooke decide which photo would be the official POTD.  Big surprise that she chose a black and white.  That's OK with me.  I am a fan of black and white photographs and truthfully, she is more the black and white kind.

There were even a couple of color images that Brooke said that she liked!  Miracles happened today!

I'm fairly sure that today was my lucky day!  I don't get a real photo session with her very often.  Ever?? The extra photos beyond my POTD are Bonuses - another addition to today's begins with B.

Now I'm going to Bed!